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The Empowering Sales Leadership Approach

Guidance for Real Sales Growth

Our approach to Business to Business Sales Coaching is focused on getting you clear on the fundamentals.

  • What is your Value to your prospects?
  • How do you communicate that Value?
  • How do you decide where to aim your message?
  • How do you carry that message to the marketplace?
  • How do you manage those who are selling for you? (and by the way, that should be EVERYONE in your organization!)
  • How do you manage a remote sales force? One that is more remote than ever!
  • How do you continue to drive sales forward and not lose sight of your business overall?

Coach JP Madden has the sales experience and the leadership coaching skills to ensure your business grows and your team stay cohesive despite the chaos of a business environment we have not seen before.

Great teams have great ownership. They have great management.  And, without exception, they have great coaches.  From sports teams to business teams, coaching is the linchpin to progress and success.

Curious about how coaching can benefit your business?  Let's talk.

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All action is born in thought.

 What are your driving thoughts?

And how do they direct your actions?

What is your perception of your circumstance? Of your environment?
What is your story and does it serve you?

What is the reality of the truth behind the “story” you tell yourself?
What do you truly Value?

Where are you taking your company and where do you want to be?

We build a plan for transformation.

A way to achieve what has been until now unachievable.

Getting Laser focus on one goal or objective.

What “Gifts” or skills are needed to obtain your objective?
And which of those do you bring to the table?

What skills are missing?
What is the plan to obtain or outsource?

Empowered. You know the Method.

You apply it to all areas of your life. Mastery is yours.

“Excellence is an art won by training and habituation.” ―Aristotle

It starts with personal accountability and continues to the “team” you surround yourself with.

Strong Habits create change. Resiliency makes that change permanent.

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Let Coach JP guide you Beyond Business Success!

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"After spending a number of years attempting to get traction on desperately needed change, I had the great fortune of connecting with JP. I knew I was miserable with where I was but had no roadmap on how to get out. How to get where I wanted to be. JP took me through his process, and I found a clear direction.
One that finally worked. A formula to make successful change happen. His strategies are powerful and provided the perfect bridge between meaningful accountability and the training that allowed me to ultimately become accountable to myself.
My life today is satisfying and moving in a direction I never dreamed possible. What I have achieved is a direct result of the decisions I've made and the action steps I took and so I feel a pride in my achievements that I will keep with me always. But make no mistake, those decisions and those actions could not have happened without Coach JP in my corner. Working with JP was a game changer, and I've never looked back."

Matt Hall

"I struggled with finding balance between growing my business and being the dad and the husband that I wanted to be. I value being available to them but I realized I wasn’t enjoying the giving. I blamed it on the demands as a small business owner. The challenge went beyond time management.
In a few dedicated sessions Coach JP guided me through a process to clarify what I value and how to leverage that to build on my key relationships, all while controlling my calendar. The value was not just in the answers and solutions but the process he guided me through.

I highly recommend working with Coach JP, not for what he’s done for me but for what he can help you do for yourself.
Your future self will thank you!."

Darrell Boyko, Business Owner, Expert Sales Consultant

"JP is a great coach and an exceptional motivator. Before meeting him, I knew I needed something more but was unsure what I was looking for. As we began a lot of things started to make sense. I understood what areas of my life I needed to dedicate more time towards improving. He takes a very holistic approach which helped me push my imaginary understanding of self, belief in self which allowed me to develop my career, business and relationships.
I am very grateful for every interaction we have. It seems as though he’s always able to provide some insightful information that resonates with me. Not to mention he is readily available to chat and very easy to talk to.
I’m super blessed to have met Coach JP. He had a significant influence on me and I feel very privileged to be working with him."

Skylar Thomas, Pro Athlete and Entrepreneur

Prior to meeting Coach JP Madden, I felt like I was riding the wave of life, living like a mouse when I knew I should be living like a Lion (in my professional and personal life). No longer am I riding the wave and I gladly credit Coach JP as being monumental in my journey of transformation. Prior to working with Coach JP I assumed the coaching process would be a 1 way conversation filled advice and antidotes. However, I was pleasantly surprised when I connected with him that he did much more listening than talking and was able to help me identify what I valued, my inner voice and how the present & future change that I desired was truly within my reach. His calm demeanor and holistic approach created a safe atmosphere for me to learn, be challenged and to grow as he has come along side me as a mentor and friend. Without a doubt Coach JP has had my best interest in mind and working with him has been one of the best decisions of my professional and personal life! Forever Grateful!

Mayo Sowemimo

Red Moon Media -Executive Director