About Coach JP Madden

Coach JP Madden, Certified Leadership Coach

JP understands the fundamentals of transformation and the mindset that is essential for sustained success. He knows because he speaks from deep experience.

  • After 30+ years in sales, he knows about setting targets and being held accountable.
  • From a decade in Commercial banking, he has gained a deep understanding of what makes businesses successful and what separates good leaders from great ones.
  • Transforming his own body, losing over 85lbs, JP understands what it means to make a resolution and stick to it.
  • Being 24 years sober, JP knows all too well the difference between “serious intent” and “driven discipline”.


JP works with high-achieving individuals, from sports professionals to business leaders, coaching them to higher achievement by getting them unstuck and on track towards their full potential.

He supports business Leaders to accelerate their professional development and teaches the mindset that creates peak performance.
Clients count on him for answers to lead and influence more effectively, and to resolve urgent challenges in their personal and
professional lives. And with sales professionals, JP unlocks the mindset needed to achieve next-level results. Working ‘smarter, not harder’ is a worn-out mantra that means little and serves no one.
Clients of JP unlock the real issues that limit their sales success and empower measurable performance improvement.

Coach JP empowers those he works with to go Beyond Business Success